Custom Designs

Custom design work is our specialty and highest priority. We strive to breathe your CosPlay fantasies and dreams to life. We have a host of talented artisans that can work in multiple and several mediums; leather, fabrics, and even metals. A variety of different effects can be achieved using different combinations of materials. Hardware, clasps and buttons can be custom made to achieve the perfect accent to your concept.

In our Twisted World, you are only limited by your imagination. Your dreams will become reality. Here all things are possible.

There are three basic elements that are involved in the creation of a custom design: Design, Pre-Production and Production. The following will give you a greater insight into the process.

Design work:

First we need to create the design. That can be accomplished by receiving reference materials with details from all angles of the design of the costume piece. We need clear, large images of the front, back and side.


Next we need to draft the patterns of the design so that we can create the costume. Pattern work can be a time consuming process that requires the attention of a master craftsman. Pattern work on simpler designs will start at $300. There can also be several different elements of pre-production work such as creating custom applications, detailed additions and custom hardware. Those also greatly vary in costs depending on the desired effects. Knowing your budget for the project will give us a better idea of the level of design work we can go into.


The final stage is the production, the actual creation of the design. The costs of production will vary greatly depending on the materials we use and the complexity of the design. Simpler designs start at $400. We specialize in leather and are able to incorporate a variety of other materials into the design. Some materials are more costly than others. Knowing your budget will help us suggest design aspects to stay within it and offer upgrade options that you may be interested in. The bigger your budget, the more detailed and precise we can be.